The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson) - 2014

This is another of the amazing works of art that has sprung from the brain of director Anderson.  Ralph Fiennes carries this movie as M. Gustave, the dedicated hotel concierge who micromanages every aspect of the hotel operation.  Gustave hires Lobby Boy Zero (Tony Revolori) who joins in a grand adventure initiated by the last will of an annual hotel guest (Tilda Swinton) who dies during the onset of World War II in Europe.  The movie is filled with Anderson's cadre of loyal actors with no role being too small for Bill Murray, Owen Wilson et alii.  The story is a simple one but each Anderson movie becomes a special event because of the scenes, the photography and the sets that are carefully constructed without a fountain pen out of place.  The Grand Budapest Hotel is a visual treat for lovers of film art.  [JAM 4/8/2014]