Geostorm (Dean Devlin) - 2017

Where do I start with this one.  Spoiler alert: The dog was OK.  In spite of the fact that director and screenwriter completely all known laws of science, the special effects are very good and it is fun to watch this story about something that could never happen.  Apparently, in less than two years (2019), the world is going to get serious about climate change; manufacture an array of satellites to monitor every populated area in the country; connect the entire system of satellites (Dutch Boy) to the International Space Station; and put Gerard Butler in charge of the whole project.  The movie takes place five years later when Butler's brother (Jim Burgess) fires him from the project after he performs poorly at a Congressional hearing - and then wonders why the brothers just cannot get along with each other.  Of course, when everything goes haywire and the global destruction timeline is initiated, Butler is the only person who can fix things and, he gets top billing in the credits.  However, the real star of this show is Abbie Cornish who plays the girlfriend of the younger brother and also happens to be a secret service agent in daily direct contact with the President of the United States.  So, if you see Gerard, Jim or Abbie on the street, please thank them for me.  It is not possible for me to spoil this movie for you. [JAM 11/8/2017]