Ford v Ferrari (James Mangold) - 2019

The occupation of racing car driver is one of the most dangerous.  This fact was especially true during the 1960s when auto speeds were increasing faster than the safety rules to protect drivers.  The Ford Motor Company wanted to purchase the Scuderi Ferrari organization that was developing the fastest racing cars in the world.  Instead, Ferrari sold itself to Fiat.  So, Ford enlisted Carroll Shelby (1923-2012) played by Matt Damon to develop race cars for them.  Shelby put together a team that included British driver Ken Miles (1918-1966) played by Christian Bale to be his lead driver.  Other significant drivers in the movie were Dan Gurney (1931-2018) played by his son, Alex and Bruce McLaren (1937-1970) played by Ben Rigby.  Shelby & Miles quickly put together competitive vehicles to challenge Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.  This is an excellent movie that faithfully reproduces the danger and conditions of mid-20th auto racing.  Damon, Bale and Tracy Letts (as Henry Ford II) are excellent in their roles and should be considered for annual acting awards.  Although some facts were changed for dramatic effect, Director James Mangold created the best racing movie I have seen.  This was a slice of time that I remember very well.  Compared to 21st century technology, the 1966 cars were unsafe causing numerous high-speed accidents and racer deaths in events and practice.  It was the "Wild West" of racing when speeds reached 200+ mph and the term "Red Line 7000" was born.  [JAM 11/19/2019]