Flipped (Rob Reiner) -2010

Take a trip back into time to 1963 and witness the innocent love/hate relationship between a precocious junior high school girl (Madeline Carroll) and an insecure but good-hearted eighth grade boy (Bryce Loski).  Those of us in the 55-65-year age range will certainly see parts of ourselves in this All-American town and public school.  Before the age of computers, preteen social lives were ruled by peer pressure and parental restrictions.  This is a touching story with a predictable and happy ending.  The lead actors are nearly perfect with their performances.  Some of the situations are contrived but necessary for a 90-minute movie.  Rebecca DeMornay and Penelope Ann Miller are the outstanding performers as the respective, supportive mothers of the eighth graders.  Either or both should be considered for supporting actor awards.  Thank you Mr. Reiner for this nostalgic trip back to a more innocent time. The music was good but fit a 1957-1960 time frame rather than the popular Beach Boys & Beatles of 1963.  [JAM 8/23/2010]