Fair Game (Doug Liman) -2010

Dick Cheney is an evil man.  Bush, Cheney and company grabbed every plausible lie and half-truth they could find in their march to the war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq in 2003.  Naomi Watts and Sean Penn are excellent in the roles of Valerie & Joe Wilson.  The Wilsons are honest, dedicated public servants who were unfairly branded as traitors by members of the Bush administration who also leaked the information to the press.  Certainly, the actions of various Bush lieutenants were treasonous but their misdeeds will never be punished in the current political climate wherein elected Republican officials are resolved to protect their own.  Sadly, this excellent movie received only token distribution in the huge Southern California entertainment market.  So many theatre owners preferred to bury their heads in the sand. [JAM 12/20/2010]