The Debt (John Madden) - 2011

Did we really need another movie about a Nazi war criminal and especially one that is a work of pure fiction?  I am sure that there are thousands of senior citizens in Germany who do not appreciate being dragged back into the Holocaust.  Helen Mirren and company are excellent in this drama that takes place in two scenarios separated by thirty years.  Suppose that your daughter has just written a best-selling work of non-fiction based on a lie that you have been telling for thirty years and now the truth is threatening to be revealed.  Now that would be awkward.  "Honey, there is one part of that story that is not completely true."  "Mom, could you have said something about a year ago before I devoted my life to this project?"  It did not happen and it bothers me to be deceived in this manner.  [JAM 9/9/2011]