Cassandra's Dream (Woody Allen) - 2007

In a city (London) where everyone smokes, two brothers (Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell) reach adulthood without learning how to comb their hair.  Farrell is the gambler who drinks too much and is dependent upon pills.  McGregor is the schemer who is willing to take big risks.  Together they make a deal with Uncle Howard (Tom Wilkinson) to solve all of their problems.  Still filming in Europe, Woody fills this movie with more beautiful scenery and creative shots.[JAM 3/7/2011]

["It was a good idea and a good script.  It's harder to get a good script than it is to execute it.  I usually know where I'm going and I write the whole thing out.  Then when I'm rewriting, things occur to me that get embellished ... I take the time to develop their characters, their family, their feelings, so it isn't a genre picture where the plot itself is the star of the picture and the characters are cardboard cutouts.  You want these things to be about people and that's what I always feel makes it interesting." Conversations With Woody Allen - November 2006]