Captain America: Civil War (Anthony Russo and Joe Russo) - 2016

And none of them died except Agent Peggy Carter who was not actually in the movie.  Captain America (Chris Evans) was created by Joe Simon (1913-2011) and Jack Kirby (1917-1994) in 1941.  He looks very good for someone who is approximately 95 years old.  In the Stan Lee (1922-????) world, there is a Marvelous explanation for Captain America's age-defying vitality.  And why does he get top-billing here?  There are dozens of super-types in the film with equally out-sized egos.  The plot of the movie makes no sense but then plot is not important because the purpose of the movie is to answer the question of all 14-year-old nerds: "Hey, what if these super heroes decided to fight each other?"  The United Nations is determined to write rules for superherodom and some of those heroes (just some of them?) do not want to be regulated.  So they decide to duke it out and beat each other to pulps but not kill or maim each other.  Tell that to Don Cheadle and the big guy who lost his arm.  The directors did eliminate The Hulk and Thor from the equation because they did not have the budget for the added special effects.  The UN claimed to be concerned about the collateral damage caused by the super folks whenever they save Earth from certain destruction.  Instead of writing their term paper on Avenger protocols, they should be working with NATO on a contingency plan in the event that Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) decide to turn them all to toast.  Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) also appeared in the movie as part of their cooperative advertising agreements.  [JAM 6/11/2016]