Captain America: The First Avenger (Joe Johnston) - 2011

Born of an electro-chemical experiment during World War II, Captain America (Chris Evans) was one of the first super heroes.  He was really strong and could jump very high and very long.  He also had an amazing shield made of vibranium - an extremely rare alloy that existed in a quantity to build only one shield and no more.  The Captain and a few of his buddies go after the red-faced Nazi Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) who was also the subject of an electro-chemical event.  Schmidt seems to have much better weapons than Adolf Hitler himself.  Captain America is able survive more scrapes and defeat more flunkies than Indiana Jones at his best.  For those of you who have seen The Avengers, it is no spoiler to report that the crash-landed Captain is somehow able to awaken from a 70-year coma to join the avenging Marvel heroes (less Spiderman and Wolverine) led by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).  The Marvel movie folks try very hard to salvage Captain America from the numerous inconsistencies and improbabilities created during the comic-book golden era.  They failed.  [JAM 9/23/2012]