Capitalism: A Love Story (Michael Moore) - 2009

Michael Moore is a true patriot, an honest man and a fearless journalist.  His latest documentary chronicles the problems of a capitalistic society fed by the greed of corporate America.  You can be assured that everything in this movie is the absolute truth.  The hardest question to answer is: "What do we do about it?"  How can we correct the oppressive attitudes of the financial powers and the elite 1% who control money, media and politics in this country?  Mr. Moore warns about a class revolution if the inequities continue.  He sees some hope in the election of Barack Obama but does not believe that pure capitalism is the best system for the common good.  The socialist systems used by European countries are looking better and better. 

The serious problems that occurred during the second Bush administration (2001-2008) - failures of financial institutions, massive mortgage foreclosures and unprecedented national debt - will take years and probably decades to resolve.  My conclusion is that the common people can really only do what they have always tried to do - vote for honest public servants like Michael Moore. [JAM 10/2/2009]