Broadcast News (James L. Brooks) - 1987

This movie is just as relevant today as it was in 1987.  The story examines the struggle between dedicated journalists and the media corporations.  Our heroes, Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks go to great lengths to get important stories aired on national television.  However, the corporate suits wants stories that sell to improve the bottom line.  Whereas the news was once a service of the large networks, it now must be sold as entertainment to attract huge sums of advertising dollars.  The pivotal character is William Hurt who is the prototype talking-head.  Hurt wants to improve but he realizes that he depends upon the real journalists to feed him the pertinent information.  Jack Nicholson steals a few scenes as the egotistical anchorman.  Hunter, Hurt and Brooks were all nominated for academy awards for their excellent performances. [JAM 8/29/2010]