Battle: Los Angeles (Jonathan Liebesman) -2011

This one is intense.  The aliens have landed and they want our water.  Fortunately for Los Angeles, the marines are not far away in Camp Pendleton.  The story follows one marine platoon as it tries to rescue five civilians who failed to evacuate the city.  It seems that the fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of a staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his platoon of misfits.  Against all odds, this platoon battles thousands of cyber-organisms with superior fire power.  The battle scenes are realistic although improbable.  This movie could serve as one giant recruiting film for the marines.  [JAM 3/16/2011]

["After years of observing devastation wreaked by tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan, hurricanes such as Katrina in America, not to mention 9/11, what is the fascination with disaster scenarios that have weak plot lines and shallow characters?"  Cameron Kantor - Los Angeles Times - 3/19/2011]