Avengers: Endgame (Anthony Russo and Joe Russo) - 2019

When we last saw the Avengers (Infinity War), it was T-Day and our heroes had just experienced the Thanos-apocalype.  Somehow, this big guy with a double-edged axe and a bejeweled Michael Jackson glove outfought and outwitted hundreds of Marvel superheroes.  At the time, I had no idea that this was a two-parter.  So, Thanos collected the multi-colored costume jewelry and used it to make four billion people disappear from Earth.  Endgame does one flashback and then goes fast-forward by five years where the remaining Avengers are still moping about their stunning defeat.  From out of the blue, Antman suddenly escapes from microworld where he has been extremely hungry for years.  With the help of Hulk and Ironman, the trio hatch a plan to get even with Thanos.  Guess what? - let's build a time machine.  And, for some reason, Captain America seems to be in charge.  I have noticed that superheroes never seem to get promoted above the rank of "captain."  The rest of the movie proceeds about as expected with another massive battle of good vs. evil.  Although most of the heroes complete the movie with barely a scratch, we do lose three actors who are retiring from the comic book movie biz.  [JAM 6/6/2019]