Another Woman (Woody Allen) - 1988

The title of this movie should have been "Everybody Hates Gena."  Ms. Rowlands plays the attractive professor of German philosophy who eavesdrops on the conversations of her psychiatrist neighbor and cannot understand why nobody likes her.  Woody has packed this story with every possible negative situation and embarrassing conversation.  This was the last movie for the great John Houseman (1902-1988) who died in the same year as the movie was released.  Gene Hackman, Blythe Danner and Sandy Dennis (1937-1992) had small parts.  [JAM 2/8/2010]

["... originally I thought Marion would be a cold person surrounded by nicer people.  But that wasn't the impression that was formed as we filmed ... At first it occurred to me that this was even more interesting than I had planned because she's not as one-dimensional.  So I started to add scenes to show her depth." Conversations with Woody Allen November 1987]

"It was the kind of drama that interested me, that kind of odd, poetic, metaphoric drama.  It was hard to handle.  I did the best I could with it.  I had such a great actress in Gena Rowlands, and Ian Holm was tremendous." Conversations with Woody Allen November 2005]