Up (2009)

First, you must assume that someone could get enough helium balloons to lift a two-story house from its foundation.  And, that dogs can be trained to fly airplanes.  With those admissions and quite a few others, this computer-animated movie is destined to be a classic.  It is the perfect family movie.  Bring the dog.

Carl Fredrickson (Ed Asner) is a grouchy old codger who somehow made a living as a balloon vendor.  He finally steps over the line and gets evicted from his dream house but before they can take him, Carl whips out the balloons and makes a daring escape with the house and a hitchhiker (young wilderness scout).  The two adventurers travel to South America where they befriend a strange bird and a voice-enabled dog.  Against all odds, these four perform Indiana-Jones-style acrobatics to win another merit badge.  This movie sets the record for squirrel jokes.

Up is now in second place for movies with the shortest title.  The leader is Z (1969).  Make sure that you stay for the scrapbook credits.  When a group of people can produce a movie as perfect as this one, it gives me hope that someday another group of people could design an affordable national health care plan. [JAM 6/18/2009]