Mad #99 (Albert Feldstein) - Return of Jack Davis Issue - December 1965

Jack is back!  Jack Davis returned to the pages of Mad after an absence that spanned 68 issues.  He had departed with Kurtzman and Elder to produce Trump, the excellent Hugh Hefner publication that had a very short life (two issues).  Mad readers were once again treated to the distinctive Davis style.  This issue also featured the debut of Don (Duck) Edwing who wrote the ideas for the Davis drawings.  Edwing would eventually become a regular member of the Mad staff. [MADlog #13]

Outhouse has an antenna. (page 15)

Paid Politico Announcements - When Politicians Do TV Commercials
Don Martin - Three Hairy Stories
Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is - Mad's Snappy Answers to Those Old Cliches
How the Western Was Lost - The Virginiaham
Punch Lines - Boxing Foto-Plays
Card Shark - The Greeting Card Manufacturer of the Year
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy; Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy
Sweet Torque - Let's Humanize Those Automated Machines
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Moving
Soup's On! - A Celebrity's Wallet (Soupy Sales)
Asphalt Jungle-Animals - A Mad Guide to the Wildlife on Our American Highways
Our Creature Presentation - Horror Movie Scenes We'd Like to See
Foam Poem - The Rime of the Modern Surfer
The Play By-Play's the Thing - Football in Depth

Fold-In - College