Mad #94 (Albert Feldstein) - King Kong Issue - April 1965

Dick DeBartolo and Mort Drucker "created" a King Kong movie with Doris Day, James Garner and Dick Van Dyke as stars.  Apes were favorite subjects of the Mad gang in the early years, appearing in various places in most of the Mad comics.  Mad #6 featured two ape parodies: "Melvin of the Apes!" (Severin & Kurtzman) and the classic "Ping Pong!" by Elder & Kurtzman.  Apes also appeared in most of the crowd scenes drawn by Jack Davis.

Numer 94 was the first issue to be sold for thirty cents, although many copies were also sold for twenty-five cents.  I just realized that today when I noticed that I had one copy of each.  Publisher Gaines held the price of Mad constant for eight and one-half years.  He probably could have raised the price many years before he did. [According to MAD FAQ on , the thirty-cent edition was for sale in Canada.]

Writer Stan Hart committed a major error in his article "TV Commercials ... and Some Folks Who Couldn't Care Less."  On page 40, it is suggested that an African-American family had no use for "Coppertone".  Today such a statement would be considered politically incorrect.  It would also be biologically incorrect.  Except for albinos (who lack melanin for pigmentation), people of all races have skin that gets darker when exposed to ultraviolet light.  Although any subject is fair game for humor, I doubt that modern Mad editors would have let this one get published. [MADlog #13]

Ape has bandages on his foot and knee. (page 45)

Reader Tony Perodeau has suggested that "The Spectator" was Don Edwing's idea.

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