Mad #91 (Albert Feldstein) - Last Issue - December 1964

What other magazine would print "Last Issue" on its front cover with giant pink letters on a black background?  That's right - no other.

Al Jaffee presented an early attack on cigarettes ("Some Mad Devices for Safer Smoking") at a time when a high percentage of American adults were habitual smokers.  Cigarettes were still "cool".  Every television and movie actor smoked.  The Marlboro Man was a national hero.  Leave it to Mad's Jaffee to be one of the first to illustrate the obvious: Smoking is bad for you!  The best parts of this article were the brand names: Cough, Hack, Wheeze and Phlegm. [MADlog #13]

Zeppelin has a tube into the "Canadian Glug". (page 36)

Inhale-Safe - Some Mad Devices for Safer Smoking
Viva Villain - Movie Heroes Are Finks
5-Ring Circus - A Mad Look at the Summer Olympics
Drum-Shtick - A Celebrity's Wallet (Ringo Starr)
Extra-Ordinary Opportunities - Little-Known Jobs in TV
Don Martin - A Fairy Tale
I Got My Blob Through the N.Y. Times - New Movie Monsters from the Business World
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy; Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy
Talk of the Town - The Sights and Sounds of the U.S.A. (Washington, D.C.)
Hysterical Fiction - Today's Celebrities - Tomorrow's Historical Heroes
Capitol Punishment - How Bad Childhood Habits Help in a Congressional Career
Name Your Poison - Why Not Warnings on All Packages
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Going to the Movies
Stifling a Yarn - Twisted Mad Tales (for Twisted Mad Readers)
Home Sweet Homeroom - Mr. Nudnik

Fold-In - Boot