Mad #90 (Albert Feldstein) - Fink Issue - October 1964

Mad has always been in tune with the times.  In the 1964 world, "fink" was a popular term and The Beatles were huge.  You could always count on Mad to do parodies and satires of the latest in pop culture.  The cover of #90 was the idiot kid advertising "Fink's Donuts" with a hole that went straight through Alfred E.  The origin of the word "fink" is unknown.  It was first used extensively in the 1930s as a term for a Union strikebreaker.

After the first appearance of the bald Beatles in the fold-in of Mad #88, they continued to receive attention with the classic Frank Frazetta drawing of Ringo Starr on the back cover of Mad #90.  As this is written, there have been only three issues of Mad that featured drawings by Frazetta.  See Tarzan and the Apes on the back cover of #106 and Judge Dredd on the cover of #338.

The Beatles also appeared in Mad's Teenage Idol Promoter of the Year (Drucker) and Mad "Celebrity-Feature" Merchandising Gimmicks (Rickard).

More zeppelins: Clarke, Coker, Drucker, Rickard and Woodbridge
Women: Marginal art (Aragones), Sunset Strip (Drucker) and Ellen (Berg)
Men: Gambler (Coker) and Firemen (Aragones) [MADlog #13]

Bunny suit of armor (page 7)

Reader Tony Perodeau has suggested that "The Impressionist" was Don Edwing's idea.

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