Mad #9 (Harvey Kurtzman) - High Noon Issue - 1954

Kurtzman wrote only two stories for Mad No. 9 ("Little Orphan Melvin!" and "Hah Noon!").  He was getting ready to change the format of Mad just as this very successful comic was becoming a monthly publication with an in-house, bi-monthly companion (and competitor): Panic, edited by Al Feldstein.  Although the Mad readers really enjoyed the original format, they would soon have many surprises and treats as the restless Kurtzman stayed several steps ahead of the competition. [PSA1]

Seven of twelve numbers on the clock are wrong, including 13, 14, 15 and 29.  ("Hah! Noon!" - page 1)

Girl-and-Dog-Type-Story - Little Orphan Melvin! (Wood)
Classical Type Comics - The Raven! (Elder)
(none) - Bop Jokes! (Severin)
Western - Hah! Noon! (Davis)