Mad #89 (Albert Feldstein) - Famous Artists Issue - September 1964

Mad readers received a special treat with the feature: "Comic Strips They'd Really Like to Do."  Five famous comic strip authors accepted Mad's invitation to contribute to the comic strip parody.  Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Walt Kelly (Pogo), Ernst & Saunders (Mary Worth), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey) and Mel Lazarus (Miss Peach do parodies of themselves.  All except Lazarus made their first appearance in Mad.  See "Camp Counselors" by Lazarus in Mad number 41.  Although Mad artists could have done an even better job on this subject, it was great to have the classic artists in this issue.

Map humor made a reappearance in Mad #89.  Bob Clarke ("Chart of Potrzebie Harbor") and Mort Drucker ("Southeast Asia") revive an old Mad tradition with great map parodies in their articles.  The wise Mad reader knows that every town and note must be read lest a joke be missed.

There were nine more zeppelin sightings in this issue.  Artists Aragones, Berg (2), Clarke (2), Drucker, Orlando, Rickard and Woodbridge found room for sky vehicles.  Do not look for zeppelins in drawings by Martin. [MADlog #13]

Message for Sonia Muffleknopf (page 17)

Reader Tony Perodeau notes that "The Phewgitive" pointed out a flaw in Dr. Richard Kimble's character when he fled a wrecked train full of injured passengers.

They'll See Us Inhale - When the Cigarette Industry Fights Back
Microfolk - Another Mad Peek Through the Microscope
Old Folks at Ham - The Mad Academy Awards for Parents
Don Martin - Alone in the Washroom for the First Time; One Fine Evening in Lovers' Lane; The Private Eye
Car Watch - The Mad Drive-In Movie Primer
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Water Sports
Talk of the Town - The Sights and Sounds of the U.S.A. (Hollywood, Calif.)
Fair Grounds for Comment - World's Fair Pavilions We'd Like to See
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy;  Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy
Oy-Vay All Boats - A Mad Guide to Power Boating
Strip Teasers - Comic Strips They'd Really Like to Do
A Flee Circus - The Phewgitive

Fold-In - Taxes