Mad #87 (Albert Feldstein) - Nixon Fold-In Issue - June 1964

Richard Nixon was the subject of the second Mad Fold-In by Al Jaffee (Liz Taylor was the first).  Nixon would be a favorite Mad target for years to come.  His first appearance was as a cartoon character in Mad #23.  The fold-ins, which were black-and-white in 1964, quickly became a popular feature and the standard inside-back-cover of Mad.  As true Mad collectors know, one must determine the subject of the fold-in without actually folding the page and thereby reducing the issue's value.

The "Beastlies" by Coker & Hahn continued to be one of the best features of Mad in 1964.  My favorite from the issue was "dogma"; the best of #86 was "vanilla".

The Kurtzman characters were missing from the Mad logo in this issue.  They would not return until Mad #93, but would not stay for long.  Mads 85 to 87 represent a transition of sorts: Beastlies and Fold-Ins replaced Wood and the Kurtzman logo.  After eight years as editor, Feldstein was still making changes.  [MADlog #13]

One of the filters is "Bakedbean". (page 33)

Reader Tony Perodeau has suggested that "The Electrician" was Don Edwing's idea.

Tot A-Okay - Kids' Versions of Adult Movies
Don Martin - In a Mask Store; The Electrician; The Rat Race
Stars in Your Buys - Watch That Price with the Asterisk
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
The Pause That Depresses - TV Ads We'd Like to See
Grinding the Acts - A Mad Look at the Circus
Who's Covering Up? - Fake-Out Record Jackets
Bread-Shrinker - If Tax Forms Were Made Up By Psychiatrists
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Home Owners
Harper's Fury - Ending on a Sour Note
Puff, the Tragic Draggin' - The Great Filter Tip Cigarette War
If a Machine Answers, Hang Up! - Pre-Recorded Phone Messages
Word Game Preserve - Mad Beastlies
Act Your Rage - Angry Magazine

Fold-In - Nixon