Mad #86 (Albert Feldstein) - Last Consecutive Wood Issue - April 1964

Thus ended the artistic continuity that began with the first Mad.  There were no drawings by Wally Wood in Mad #87.  After issue 86, there was one page in Mad #90 ("An Incident at a Red Light") and two pages in Mad #143 ("Altar Ego").  The last page in #143 seemed to lack the expected Wood humor.  The same scene in the 1950s would have had several sight gags and the wagon kid.  In retrospect, I think that Wood needed Mad more than Mad needed Wood.

In my opinion, Wally Wood was the best cartoonist who ever drew.  His drawings combined his wonderful sense of humor with excellent parodies of science fiction, horror, comics and any other subject that a Mad writer could find.  Many of his characters appeared to be stepping right out of The Louvre.

It could be argued that Wood, as much as Feldstein, saved Mad when Kurtzman quit after issue 28 and took Elder and Davis with him.  Wood stayed with publisher William M. Gaines and EC.  He produced 232 pages of drawings in the first 20 issues after the Elder & Davis drawings were used.  He was an extremely prolific artist, producing drawings for several publications at the same time.  His 724 pages for Mad (and Panic) were just a small portion of his total output.

Wallace Wood died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on November 2, 1981.  His passing was not mentioned in Mad. [MADlog #13]

Alfred E. Neuman runs through Arabia wearing only a sheet. (pages 43-48)

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