Mad #83 (Albert Feldstein) - Newsweak Issue - December 1963

In the tradition of great EC magazine cover parodies, this was the best cover (actually, back cover) since Mad #33 (Reader's Disgust).  See also front covers of Mad #11 (Life parody), Panic #3 (The Friday Morning Panic), Panic #9 (Comicfidential) and back cover of Mad #69 (The Saturday Evening Post).

During my review of other magazine parodies by Mad, I remembered my favorite: National Osographic in Mad #41.  I realized yesterday that I had missed the joke in the title.  I had always pronounced "Osographic" with a short "o".  Of course, it should be read as "Oh" "So" "Graphic".  My letter to Mad in #350 included my comment that it took me 31 years to get the spelling joke of "Poiuyt".  The "Osographic" joke sat in my closet for 40 years.  What else have I missed?

Arthur is back (!) thanks to Bob Clarke (Mars) and the boys of Hebb House at Arcadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Also, Larry Siegel broke Al Jaffee's record with 19 pages in this issue.  A lot of words but not as good as Jaffee's effort. [MADlog #13]

Rhinoceros has a toy horn. (page 47)

Vidiot's Delight - Stupidity on Television
Spacial Delivery - The Army on Mars
Don Martin - The 50-lb. Cannonball-Throwing Contest; Shipwrecked; The Fire at the Art Museum
A Kick in the Cannes - A Mad Guide to Art Films
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy; Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy
Add Verse and Consent - Government Greeting Cards
Chow Mainly - Mad's Chinese Restaurant Owner of the Year
Pokin' the Pigskin - A Mad Look at Football
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Car Owners
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Labor Pains - The Labor Union Manual
The Shriek of Araby - Rule Number One
Meanwhile Back at the Raunchy - "Hood"! - The Sick Western Movie