Mad #80 (Albert Feldstein) - Mutiny on the Bouncy Issue - July 1963

One of Mad's running jokes did not run in this issue.  After appearances in nine consecutive issues, Mickey Bitsko was missing.  Arthur made its 14th consecutive appearance but would not be in Mad #81.  The all-time record belongs to Alfred E. Neuman who appeared on every cover from number 24 through number 114.

Wally Wood provided some excellent drawings for the parody of Mutiny on the Bouncy.  The portraits of Marlon Brando were some of the best ever.  While Wood was drawing shipboard scenes, Bob Clarke filled in as comic strip parodist.  Clarke gave us 35 different scenes for Larry Siegel's "Misery Is a Cold Hot Dog."

While Wood and Clarke were drawing Siegel's articles, Mort Drucker had the unfortunate assignment called "The Tenth Hour."  Drucker's considerable talent could not save this one.  Was this a real television show? [MADlog #13]

Cat has nine tails. (page 5)

Reader Tony Perodeau's favorite is "Russian Russian Roulette".

Tee-Hee-Ti - Mutiny on the Bouncy
Don Martin - Brain Surgery; On the Boardwalk; On the Beach
Blackboard Jingle - Cherished Pages from Old Autograph Albums
Off the Beaten Sound-Track - More Movie Dialogue We'd Like to Hear
Speaking from Pictures - Look What's Talking
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Dog Owners
Spec-Tick-Tock-Ular - It's About Time
Roasted Peanuts - Misery Is a Cold Hot Dog
Volume Business - How a Best-Seller Is Born
Learning the Score - The Mad Baseball Primer
Pop's Corn - Father's Day Cards from Special People
Many Unhappy Returns - Rejection Slips
That's How the Kookie Crumbles - The Tenth Hour
The "Red" Badge of Courage - Russian "Russian Roulette"