Mad #8 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Fershlugginer Issue - 1953

"Fershlugginer" (original spelling) and "furshlugginer" (most common spelling) are wonderful, all-purpose adjectives that seem to express frustration or disgust for something.  By using this word, Kurtzman was able to swear without swearing.  If "furshlugginer" is not a Yiddish word, it should be.

"Halavah" (a vairation of "halvah") is a Yiddish dish: flaky confection of crushed sesame seeds in a base of honey or other syrup (also called "sweetmeat").  Mad readers will recognize halvah as a ubiquitous menu item or food ingredient in every furshlugginer restaurant and grocery store. 

Number 8 was the first issue that did not feature drawings by John Severin.  He was replaced by six more pages of Kurtzman's "Hey Look!" [PSA1]

Melvin and Sherman switched names ("Frank N. Stein!" - page 4)

Terror - Frank N. Stein! (Elder)
Western - Lone Stranger Rides Again! (Davis)
Collectors' Item - Hey Look! (Kurtzman)
Hero Worship - Bat Boy and Rubin! (Wood)