Mad #79 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Mother's Day Issue - June 1963

This was a rather ordinary issue until page 43.  Wood and Siegel saved the best for the end with this excellent article.  Wally Wood was in rare form with Superman, Mighty Mouse and wagon kid appearing on the first panel.  I counted 18 non sequiturs in the five pages including Alfred E. Neuman (from the back), Arthur, axolotl, Mickey Bitsko, Frankenstein's monster and the first Mad word: frammis.  Yes, I was the president of the Wally Wood fan club.  The story ("The Price Is a Riot") was good too.

There were three simple but great spy stories from Prohias in this issue. 
Women: Marginal art (Aragones), pool girl (Martin), Sinnerama (Wood)
Men: Marginal football player (Aragones) [MADlog #13]

Superman shops at the supermarket. (page 43)

A White House Is Not a Home - If They Held a Summit Meeting at the White House
Sinking Fund - Look Before You Leap
Freedom with Speech - Speaking from Pictures
Half-Nielson - TV's Effect on Children (A Special Mad Report)
Don Martin - The High Dive; The First Echo; The Inventor at the Novelty Company
Bratsmanship - How to Succeed at Childhood
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
The Ides of Taxes Are upon Us - Tax Time, U.S.A. (A Government-Sponsored TV Show)
Department of the Inferior - How to Turn Your Dumpy City into a Tourist Trap
March Along with Mitch - Mad's Realistic, Up-To-Date Service Songs
Berg's-Eye View -The Lighter Side of Family Doctors
Slipped Disc - The Rise and Fall of a Recording Star
The Price Is a Riot - Mad's Discount Center Owner of the Year