Mad #77 (Albert Feldstein) - Chicken Issue - March 1963

The favorite of most male artists is: women.  Chauvinist Dave Berg was not "chicken".  Sergio Aragones presented his first marginal mermaid.  Tuesday Weld was wonderfully drawn by Jack Rickard.  George Woodbridge found a place to hang his saloon girl.  Bob Clarke's women wear tiny bikinis or have bulging bulges.  Although Mad has always been a "family" magazine, those Mad artists have always found places for the female figures that 12-year-old (and older) boys love to see.  On the other hand, drawings of men are generally unflattering.  See Sergio's manfish & shower singer and Rickard's Jimmy Hoffa.  As the years passed, the artists got bolder and the anatomies became more correct.

My favorite articles of the late 1950s and early 1960s were the comic strip parodies drawn by Wally Wood.  In addition to the near-perfect duplication of various familiar artistic styles.  Wood always added his touches which parodied the artist's name, the strip dates and even the copyright statements.  To Wally: Thanks. [MADlog #13]

Alfred E. Neuman has six fingers on each hand. (inside back cover)

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