Mad #75 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Cutting Classes Issue - December 1962

I was surprised to see that Don Martin had put "Bitsko's" in his Miami Beach scene of his Robinson Cruesoe.  It seemed that Martin never participated in the running jokes with the other writers and artists.  I got the feeling that he never read the magazine.  He was always in his own zone.  In retrospect, his ultimate defection to the competition was inevitable.

"The Irving Irving Story" was not a good parody.  It set the tone for a rather dull issue.  They can't all be winners.  The joke I remembered was the marginal non sequitur about Jack Robinson. [MADlog #13]

Robot is on strike. (page 31)

Comments from reader Anthony Perodeau: "In 'The Lighter Side of Teenagers", p.36, the chick tried to kiss Ricky Nelson on a 1957 RCA with a wide chevron below the screen and two knobs on the side of the cabinet.  Compare with the TV in '1957 RCA TV Twilight Zone'.  BTW that chevron appeared on RCAs of the 1955 through 1959 model years.  When seen in a 1953 setting, as happened in 'L.A. Confidential,' there is an anachronism."

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