Mad #74 (Albert Feldstein) - Doctors Issue - October 1962

Lou Silverstone followed his first Mad article (Bananaz) with a parody of those doctor shows that were all the rage.  This issue featured 13 pages of doctor jokes as Drucker, Rickard, newcomer Hart, Woodbridge, Jacobs, Wood and Doud added their jabs.

Frank Jacobs again demonstrated his considerable writing skills with 11 offerings of newspaper stories as written by summer replacements, and six examples of summer job temps.  In his spare time, Frank also wrote ten labor day cards and 45 items of useless information (Alfred's Poor Almanac).  Excellent writing was a major factor in the success of Mad during the first ten years.  In 1962 Feldstein added Silverstone and Hart to a writing staff that already included Jacobs, Siegel and Kogen.  It was a wonderful time for parody lovers.

The cover of Mad No. 74 was the last of 30 excellent covers by Frank Kelly Freas. [MADlog #13]

Read the doctor's certificates. (page 33)

Nick Meglin is the "Sucka Coffee" man on the back cover. [JAM 1/21/2010]

Intern for the Worst - Dr. Kiljoy
Ambulance Chasers - Future TV Medical Shows
Union Hall-Mark - Labor Day Cards from Labor to Management
Don Martin - Water Skiing; At the Movies; The Arrival of the King
Blue Chips Off the Old Block - If Corporations Ran Their Own Summer Camps
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy; Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy
Freedom with Speech - Speaking from Pictures
Stop-Gap the Presses - When Newspaper Editors Go on Vacation
Switch-Craft - Summer Replacements in Everyday Life
Television - TV Ads We'd Like to See
Rock of Aged - The Rock 'n' Roll Senior Citizen Problem
Big Time Operator - A Celebrity's Wallet (Vince Edwards')
You and the Knife and the Muzak - Eating Out
Tell-A-Phony Book - The Mad Celebrity Primer