Mad #73 (Albert Feldstein) - Hex Issue - September 1962

The Letters Dept. of issue #73 was dominated by comments on "A Mad Guide to Russia" from issue #71.  As I have written, I agree with the "Cons".  In 1962 I probably skipped this one because it was not funny.  Issue number 73 examines another stereotype: organized crime.  As much as I like magazine parodies, this one was just not funny.  Larry Siegel must have been preoccupied with his television job.

My favorite part of this issue was the parody of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris from the inside of the front cover.  Coincidentally, I reread this issue on the same day that Mark McGwire hit number 70 (September 27, 1998).

The Mickey Bitsko phase continued in this issue.  In addition to the first photo of Mr. B. (page 3), Mad's Bob Clarke introduces Mickey's "Ma": that famous cookie baker.  I still devote brain cells to a memory of me and my friend laughing about "Mickey Bitsko and his Ma."  It seemed funnier then. [MADlog #13]

"Ma Bitsko" (page 44)

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