Mad #72 (Albert Feldstein) - Special 10th Anniversary Issue - July 1962

The mascot score for the issue was Mickey Bitsko 12 Arthur 7.  The Mad gang found many clever places for "Bitsko".  Can you find them?

The genius of Mort Drucker was never more obvious to me than in "C-Men in Action."  His simple portrait of JFK and Jackie (page 6) is the best I have ever seen.  In the same article we get Jack Webb, Lee Marvin, Peter Gunn, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Shirley MacLaine.  He also nails Hume Cronym and others in "Prison Movie."

Meanwhile, Wally Wood parodies eight comic strips and delivers nine wonderful animal portraits.  The writing was not great in #72, but Al Jaffee's classic TV Repair parody was excellent.  "Disconnect fleegle" and "remove forgputters and grulks." [MADlog #13]

Arthur on Vigoro (page 47)

Invisible Shields - C-Men in Action
Don Martin - A Fisherman and His Wife; On the Elevator; The Salesman
Slipping Discs - Celebrities' Wallets (Chubby Checker's)
We'll See You Inhale - The Lighter Side of Smoking
Put Them All Together, They Spell - Mother's Day Cards for Substitute Mothers
Funders, Keepers - Mad Visits a Charity Organization Meeting
Double-Talk - A Mad Guide to Party Conversation
The Yellowed Kids - If Comic Characters Were as Old as the Strips
Mom Is For-Giving - Mad Mother's Day Gifts
Wry Off the Rocks - Old Time Vs. Future Prison Movies
Diners' Club - A Mad Look at the Eating Habits of Animals
Hollywood - "Feat of Strength" - A Scene We'd Like to See
Easy on the Socket-Book - A Mad Guide to "Do-It-Yourself" TV Repairs