Mad #70 (Albert Feldstein) - Fallout Shelter Issue - April 1962

Just when you think you know what to expect, Mad surprises you.  The back cover of Mad #70 is the first Mad Sampler embroidered by Margaret Szep.  This sampler is an absolute work of art.

Inside were several treats: Wally Wood filled Gary Belkin's museum with 75 reproductions of classic television commercials and lots of gags; Bob Clarke and Al Jaffee solved the snow removal problem; Mort Drucker and Larry Siegel did the Route 66 parody; Jack Rickard and Don Reilly filled seven pages with the "North American Veeblefetzer Annual Report."  Where else can you get such variety?  [Also Berg, Freas, Martin, spies and microbes.] [MADlog #13]

Lady is wearing tic-tac-toe earrings. (page 46)

Exhibit "A's" - The Museum of Madison Avenue
Don Martin - In a Doctor's Office; The Telephone
Getting the Drift - More Efficient Snow Renewal
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Screw-Ball in the Back Pocket - Celebrities' Wallets
Guesting Game - The Light Side of "Entertaining"
Special Delivery - Six Comics in Search of a Punchline
Love's Old Sweet Studio Card - Some Valentines We Seldom Get to See
Tape Me to Your Leader - A TV Scene We'd Like to See
You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Jet - Movies in Flight
Notes to You - Some Pages From a Satirist's Notebook
Bums Away - Route 67
Microfolk - Another Mad Peek Through the Microscope
Hollywood - Another "Scenes We'd Like to See"
Taking Stock-Holders - Annual Report
From Fear to Eternity - Nuclear Jitters