Mad #7 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Shermlock Issue - 1953

For some reason, Jack Davis was not featured in Mad No. 7.  Kurtzman again wrote three stories but reprinted six pages of his "Hey Look!" cartoons to fill the issue.  Although his cartoons are classics, they certainly do not compare to the established Mad formula: Keurtzman's words interpreted by artists Davis, Elder, Severin and Wood. [PSA1]

Mechanic advises Smilin' Melvin to push the "veeble-fetzer." ("Smilin' Melvin" - page 4)

Crime - Shermlock Shomes! (Elder)
Classic-Type Comics - Treasure Island! (Severin)
Collectors' Item - Hey Look! (Kurtzman)
Airplane - Smilin' Melvin (Wood)