Mad #69 (Albert Feldstein) -  Television Issue - March 1962

This was a very special issue.  In addition to the 17-page tour de force on television, readers were treated to the return of Norman Mingo (back cover), the first article by Dick DeBartolo ("Some TV Ads We Never Got to See"), one of the rare contributions from Nelson Bridwell, two remakes of classic Panic covers, four Don Martins, two Spy vs. Spys, the first Berg "lighter side", and ten more Arthur sightings.

Was it just a coincidence that editor Feldstein brought back two of the covers that he drew for the EC satire comic that he also edited?  In "Padded Magazine Stories", Bob Clarke drew five magazine cover parodies including one that copied the Santa bear trap from Panic #1.  The second Panic cover (#3) appeared on the back cover (Saturday Evening Post parody).  It was the first effort from Norman Mingo since his classic cover of Mad #37.  [MADlog #13]

Jack and Jill cover is the same as Feldstein's Panic #1. (page 28)

Useless Information - Alfred's Poor Almanac
Spocking of Pictures - If Babies Could Take "Parent Pictures"
The Hearst Is Yet to Come - Mad Previews the Top News Stories of 1962
Toot-Toot-Toothie, Goodbye - The Lighter Side of the Dentist
Don Martin - The Painter; At the Movies; The Guest of Royalty; The Hitchhiker
Siss-Boom-Blah - Fight Songs for Colleges That Can't Afford Major Sports
Hobby Horse-ing Around - Adult Model-Building Kits
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Pay as You Snow - Padded Magazine Stories
Spittin' on the Image - A Mad Look at TV