Mad #68 (Albert Feldstein) - First Don Martin Cover Issue - January 1962

By issue 68, Arthur had replaced Alfred as the Mad mascot.  AEN made only a token appearance on the cover which was unrelated to the Martin drawing.  His face did not appear in any of the 17 departments.  On the other hand, Arthur featured prominently in drawings by Berg, Orlando, Clarke, Wood and Drucker.  For the second issue, Dave Berg was the most creative with Christmas Arthur.  [As I have written before, Martin was not really one of the "usual gang of idiots."  He would never put Arthur in one of his drawings.]

As I reread these issues, I find that I really miss the drawings of Wally Wood.  In two pages, he drew 101 comic strip characters and hit every one on the money.  Otherwise, this was a fairly dull issue. [MADlog #13]

Terrible spinal injury (page 12)

Comments from reader Anthony Perodeau: "I agree that The Comic Book Characters' Christmas Party is the highlight thanks to Wally Wood.  But a few other pages are notable -- in the 'Pop's Concert Department', Wood draws Bill Gaines ('Daddy is a crook, child!  He publishes MAD Magazine!').  'College Fraternities' may have planted a seed in one or more of the three future 'Animal House' writers.  And with the 'Mad Men' era entering its syndication phase, the long check list in 'The Truth About Secret Ingredients' is a true period piece."

Channel Crossing - Midnight TV Roulette
Don Martin - The Appointment; The Escalator
What Never Happened To-? - If "Stars" Had Ordinary Jobs
The Claus That Depresses - A Mad Look at Christmas
8-Ball in the Extreme Right Pocket - Celebrities' Wallets
The House That Jerk Built - Inspirational Poems by and for Building Men
Never on Sunday-Pages - The Comic Strip Characters' Christmas Party
"Ad" Libs - Some Editorial Additions to "Beer Ads"
Watch My Line - A Mad Guide to Languages of the U.S.A.
Nyets to You - "Tovarich" - A Castro-Killed Cuban Cartoon Feature
Sorority, Wrong Number - College Fraternities
Elements of Surprise - The Truth About Secret Ingredients
Pop's Concert - What Do You Do for a Living?
All Hellas Breaks Loose - "The Guns of Minestrone"