Mad #66 (Albert Feldstein) - Not the Spies Issue - October 1961

Antonio Prohias is known as the creator of Spy vs. Spy, a feature that has continued in Mad many years after he retired.  But Prohias was also the author of numerous clever, non-verbal stories.  Two of the best appeared in issue number 66.  The arrow that grows into a tree and the hidden middle scenes are examples of Prohias wit that was available to early Mad readers.  See also Mad number 68.

Walter Farley had an excellent first article in this issue (The Mad Mythology Primer).  His only other article appeared in issue 71 (The Birth of a Madison Avenue Brand Name).  [MADlog #13]

Baby has a moustache. (page 40)

After the Do-Re-Mi - Comedy Albums by Musical Stars
Don Martin - In the Psychiatrist's Office; At the Dentist; The Biology Professor
Home Is Where the Hurt Is - Modern Household Accidents
One-Shot - Vengeance
8-Ball in the Back Pocket - Celebrities' Wallets
Looney-Tuners - The Lighter Side of the Television Set
B-O Plenty - Mad Visits Joe LeVenal (Hollywood Producing Genius)
All in Fund - Little-Known Medical Crusades
Brat-And-Ball - The Little League Hall of Fame
Follow-Through - There's Always More Than Meets the Eye
A-To-Zeus - The Mad Mythology Primer
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Future Telephone Triumphs
Boy, Boy, Boy, the Tramps Are Marching - The Practical Scout Handbook