Mad #65 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Summer Travel Issue - September 1961

Pearl Belkin (Mrs. Gary?) became the first female contributor to Mad in this issue.  They both received credit for A Realistic Children's Book.  The Belkins wrote for Mad on a semi-regular basis in issues 46 through 79.

Jack Mendelsohn (Age 33-1/2) wrote for three issues (65, 66 and 75).  He wrote about karate, household accidents and superstitions.

When I was 14, Berg's beach article was my favorite in this issue.  It still is.  Compared to the other issues in 1961, this was not one of the best. [MADlog #13]

Emma Frowzle, of the Venetian Blind Crew at Veeblefetzer Industries, is Mr. Clean with hair. (page 17)

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Vowel Play - Mad's Key to Classified Ad Abbreviations
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