Mad #64 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Jackpot Issue - July 1961

Jack Rickard's first article (Sneaky Camera) was impressive.  His drawings for the Larry Siegel story were similar to a Mort Drucker style.  As time passed, Rickard developed his own distinctive style.

The back cover of number 64 was the fake "Compositions" book.  It was nearly the same as Kurtzman's classic front cover of number 20.  Another generation of students fooled the teachers.

This issue may have been a transition point for Dave Berg.  His drawing style had changed from shaded (rosy cheeks) to simple line drawings.  His "A Mad Look at the Telephone" approached the format that would serve for many years in the Berg's-Eye View Dept.  Berg's four-page article was the only article of that length that was not one of Feldstein's "Vital Features." [MADlog #13]

Nurse is wearing skull earrings. (page 39)

That Old Adage - If There'd Been a Madison Ave. Down Through History
A Tone for Our Sins - A Mad Look at the Telephone
Hollywood - Another "Scenes We'd Like to See"
Verse of the People - A Mad Treasury of Unknown Poetry
Don Martin - A Young Man's Ambition; Boarding the Uptown Bus; In the Doctor's Office; In the Penny Arcade
Squatter's Rights - A Mad Guide for Baby Sitters
Another Day, Another Dull Edition - "Square", A Newspaper for 'Nowhere' People
Diamonds Are a Boy's Best Friend - The Business of Baseball
Trail of the Loathsome Pines - The Typical Resort Ad and the Typical Resort
Hocus-Focus - Sneaky Camera
A Private Joke - A Career Awaits You in the U.S. Army
Once Upon a Time-And-A-Half