Mad #62 (Albert Feldstein) - Special March Winds Issue - April 1961

Feldstein was really in a groove in 1961.  Artists Wood, Drucker, Clarke, Orlando and Woodbridge combined with writers Jacobs, Siegel, Reit and Koch to create excellent parodies.  Number 62 featured Ladies' Home Journey and Mail Order Gift Catalogues.  Martin, Berg, Prohias and Freas were doing their own thing.  Jaffee was still trying to find his niche.  This was a great gang of idiots. [MADlog #13]

"Go ahead be stupid ruin your beady little eyes" is on the tiny logo. (inside front cover)

Stretching the Selling-Point - The Total Sell - Consumerwise
No Room at the Top - The Population Explosion
Don Martin - A Guided Tour Through a Steel Foundry; Togetherness Through Music; In a French Restaurant
Ho-Humdrum - How to Make Dull Reading Matter Interesting
Battle of the Bulge - Greeting Cards with Enclosures
No-Talent Associates - The World's Greatest TV Panelist
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Out to Launch - Up-To-Date Names for Rockets and Missiles
Bringing Down Father - Ladies Home Journey Magazine
Gallop Poll - Horseback Riding
Parcel Pest - Mail Order Catalogues
Daddy-O Knows Best - Tomorrow's Parents
Every Dag Must Have His Day - The United Nations Awards Show