Mad #6 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Sigma Alpha Epsilon Issue - 1953

Was Kurtzman still in the hospital when stories for Mad No. 6 were being edited?  In two places: "Melvin of the Apes!" (page 2) and "Casey at the Bat!" (page 6), there is a college couple that does not seem to belong.  Was the couple drawn by Jack Davis?  (It certainly is not Severin's style.)  Did the Mad staff make this change?  Such repetition fits the editorial style of Al Feldstein.  Is this the beginning of the Kurtzman/Feldstein competition?

There were many treats in Mad No. 6.  The first Mad word ("frammis") was spouted by Cecil B.V.D. Mill.  Melvin of the Apes returned.  Popeye made his first of many appearances in Elder's "Ping Pong!"  The only disappointment would be the change from four to three stories by Kurtzman; the fourth being a reprint of "Casey at the Bat!" as interpreted by Jack Davis. [PSA1]

Jane is wearing a watch. ("Melvin of the Apes!" - page 2)

High-Type Adventure - Teddy and the Pirates! (Wood)
Jungle - Melvin of the Apes! (Severin)
Poetry - Casey at the Bat! (Davis)
Horror - Ping Pong! (Elder)