Mad #58 (Albert Feldstein) - Swinging Issue - October 1960

Although reader John Spence complained about it, Mad continued to include political satire in its pages.  These articles appealed to older readers and educated younger readers (including John) against their wills.  Issue 58 featured "Violence in News Broadcasts", "A Child's History of the Middles 1900s", and "Mad's 1960 Political Alphabet Book".  Siegel's "History" is a time capsule that captures the era in five pages.

In contrast to Siegel's satire, the issue also provides another of the hip translations by Feldstein.  These all read the same to me.  The drawings (Martin) are excellent but the text is dry.  See also "The Hip Raven" (#55) and "The Night Before Christmas" (#52). [MADlog #13]

Dog looks like Richard Nixon. (page 38)

21-Inch Scream - The Violence Trend on TV
Bop Fly - Cool Casey at the Bat
A Profit Without Honor - Successful Merchandising
Berg's-Eye View - Amateur Photography
Don Martin - The Carpenter's Assistants
Past Tense Years - A Child's History of the Middle 1900's
The Breeze and Aye! Aye! Aye! - Sailing
Pats and Pans - Critical Reviews of Everything
Caps and Robbers - Mad's Political Alphabet Book
Holiday Jeer - Carols for All Occasions
Hue and Cryin' out Loud - Mad's Up-To-Date Coloring Book
Asphalt Bungle - Highway Squad