Mad #571 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Sports Reprint Issue - October 2021

This issue has 58 of its 60 pages devoted to Mad sports humor.  The pages are all reprints except the cover drawing by Mark Fredrickson.  The other two pages contain a subscription ad and the fold-in.  Apparently, Johnny Sampson did not get the memo about the sports theme.  The issue also includes "Drawn Out Dramas by Sergio Aragones" in "Various Places"  but most of these are just the marginal jokes that were on the original pages.  Some changes were made.  The marginal on the Spy vs. Spy page was moved from the right side of the page to the left side of the page.  On page 54 ("The MAD Sports Fan Hate Book") one of the original marginals was removed and replaced by a tiny golfer who does not seem to be doing anything funny.  Marginals were added to some of the reprinted articles that did not have any but many of the articles did not get marginals added to them.  There is no way to tell if any of the added Aragones drawings are new or old.  It appears that any art director could turn out a themed, reprinted issue of MAD now in a couple of days with access to the archive of original drawings.  [JAM 8/1/2021]

New Contents:

Cover - Helmeted Alf riding a race horse through track hurdles with random sporting items flying about him.

Page 24 - MAD's Golfing Tips for the Moon: How to Make a Bunker Shot in 1/6 Gravity [fake content]

Inside Back Cover - Fold-In Tourist

Marginal Drawings (?)