Mad #570 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Monster Theme Issue - August 2021

The twentieth issue of the "West Coast" MAD has reached the lowest point of original content that began when the New York offices were closed.  I was optimistic about a California editorial team under Bill Morrison but that ship has sailed a long time ago.  The current version of the MAD "brand" has reached its lowest point with just four pages that called "new material."  The cover drawing by Tom Richmond is excellent.  It is based on an old idea by the late Duck Edwing but does coincide with the release of a current movie - King Kong vs. Godzilla.  I am sure that you could find a page to reprint on almost any subject with 30,000 pages in the archives.  The fold-in by Johnny Sampson is a bit disappointing since there are small gaps in the bottom teaser show exactly where the fold changes the message.  I do not believe that Al Jaffee would have allowed this and I do not remember ever seeing it on a Jaffee creation.  The best feature of the issue is the two-page tribute to Frank Jacobs by the former former New Yorker editors John Ficarra and Sam Viviano.  Everything else is old news.  [JAM 6/11/2021]

New Content

Front Cover - Godzilla performs the Heimlich Maneuver on King Kong
43  Hollywood Insider: Kong Jealous of Godzilla's Walk of Fame Star  [fake content]
48  Remembering Frank Jacobs The Bard of Alfred (Franks for the Memories Dept.)
Inside Back Cover - Fold-In