Mad #57 (Albert Feldstein) - Fly Swatter Issue - September 1960

In spite of another classic comic pages parody by Wood/Jacobs, Al Jaffee was the star of the Fly Swatter Issue.  He was featured as writer of the "Madison Ave. Surplus Sale" illustrated by Clarke, writer of the seven-page "Fishing" parody drawn by Drucker, and artist for "Tall Tales" which displayed eight of his cartoons from his daily 1958-1960 offerings in the New York Herald Tribune. [MADlog #13]

Dr. Rex Morgan is playing pool with eyeballs. (page 14)

Hard Sell-Out - Madison Avenue's Surplus Sale
Berg's-Eye View - The Good Humor Truck
Don Martin - The Fortune Teller; At the Clothiers; At a Masquerade; The Moving Man
Sounds of Our Crimes - Documentary Records
Comic Relief - If Magazines Carried Comic Strips
Hollywood - More "Scenes We'd Like to See"
Fin and Had-It - Fishing
Gang-Green - Mad Goes to a Gangster Movie Preview
What's in It for Me - Mad's "Pure Products Law"
Stretching the Truth - Reproportioning Photographs
Lanky-Panky - Tall Tales
Sick, Sick, Slick - Beatnik Magazine
Television - More "TV Ads We'd Like to See"