Mad #569 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Future Issue - June 2021

It is quite difficult to find any new material within the cover of this issue.  Beside the excellent, nostalgic front cover drawing by Jim Woodring, and the dull fold-in by Johnny Sampson, I found just two new drawings (by Tom Richmond) and very little text that could be described as new.  For the veteran Mad reader, the only article worth reading is "The Amazing All-Seeing Al Jaffee's MAD E.S.P." written by Benjamin Le Clear.  In the two-page center spread, Le Clear introduces six examples of Jaffee inventions that came to be in some form.  Richmond's drawings are perfect and Le Clear ties the article together but, Jaffee contributed the meat of the idea in the Mad issues from 1967 to 1982.  I suppose that researchers can create a 56-page collection of Mad reprints on any subject from its 60+ years of cultural history.  But, what's the point of this?  [JAM 4/20/2021]

New Content:

Front Cover - Alfred E. Neuman machine predicts the future
28 The Amazing, All-Seeing Al Jaffee's MAd E.S.P. (Centenarian Note Dept.)
37 MAD's 2021 Fashion Prediction: Sadly Seers See Seersucker Style Swing Soon [fake content]
Inside Back Cover - Fold-In (Ripoff)