Mad #568 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Espionage Issue - April 2021

As the WarnerMedia suits continue to plot the death of MAD, this issue contains just five pages of new material.  The issue is mainly devoted to Spy vs. Spy that was created by Antonio Prohias (1921-1998) from Cuba.  When Prohias retired, the feature was continued by various MAD writers and artists until it was finally given to Peter Kuper for MAD #356 in 1997.  It appears that this issue is the final appearance for the spies as they walk arm-in-arm into the nuclear wasteland.  "Spy vs. Spy" was printed in MAD almost continually for 60 years.  [JAM 2/16/2021]

New Content:

Cover - Missile spies

08 Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

40 Extreme Home Makeover with Alexa & Siri: Big Brother Edition [fake content]

Inside Back Cover - Fold-In (Alexa or Siri)