Mad #567 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Sergio Aragones Farewell Issue - February 2021

This issue contains eight or nine pages of new material depending upon how you count.  Everything, from cover to cover is by or about the prolific Sergio Aragones with most of it being reprinted articles.  This truly is a sad time for Mad fans because the issue seems to indicate that Aragones will no longer be a Mad contributor.  And, it seems that future issues will not have much original content at all.  [JAM 12/11/2020]

New Content

Front Cover - Sergio (as Gulliver) is being dragged away from Mad forever.

Inside Front Cover - An Alfred E. Neuman collage composed of Aragones drawings

02 Sergio Aragones Presents A Mad Look at Mad (Serge-In General Dept.)

08 The Best of the Shadow Knows (We've Got Your Penumbra Dept.)

34 Sergio Aragones Presents Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

39 Sergio Aragones' Water Ballet Workout Tips [fake content]

56 Gracias Sergio!

Inside Back Cover - Fold-In (Sergio)