Mad #566 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Halloween Reprint Issue - December 2020

There are eight pages of new content in this issue.  The central feature ("Dastardly Dr. Bunk's MAD Monster Lab") is a typical Tom Bunk double-splash offering.  It is absolutely crammed with Bunk monstrosities of the usual sort.  What is always lacking (for me) in the confusion is original humor.  It just seems like I have seen this in previous issues.  "A. Newman" is the mad doctor's monster.  Other famous monsters (Phantom, Bride of Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula, Wolfman, Lagoon Creature, Hunchback, et al.) can be found among various body parts, excrement, vermin, bugs and general chaos.  For some reason, the Oz scarecrow is in line with electrified monster heads - getting his brain fixed, I guess.  Bunk is the master of the macabre but not clever humor.  Johnny Sampson's fold-in is good but quite obvious.  Al Jaffee always made us think about it before folding.  Sergio Aragones is still contributing with marginals and "Classic Movie Scenes We'd Like to See."  Art Director gives herself credit as "colorist" in the King Kong joke but there was no color in it in my copy.  [JAM 10/9/2020]

New Contents:

Cover - Midnight Horror Movie Marathon - Ten Ventriloquist Dummies & Dolls

22 Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

28 Dastardly Dr. Bunk's MAD Monster Lab

35 Shartnado [fake content]

45 Classic Movie Scenes We'd Like to See (Kongcrete Jungle Dept.)

Fold-In - Trump