Mad #565 (Rebecca Bohanan) - Superhero Issue - October 2020

In spite of the numerous reprints, I enjoyed this issue.  I suppose I am a just a sucker for a theme edition.  The highlight for sure is the double-splash tribute to Mort Drucker drawn by Tom Richmond.  There is so much to see in these two pages including Bob & Ray (in black-and-white), Gaines, Feldstein, Putnam, Brenner, Meglin and a colorized poiuyt.  Thirteen of the caricatures are reading parodies of themselves in Mad.  It is interesting that Batman made the cut for TV and movie parodies.  The second best new material is the fold-in by Johnny Sampson.  This one is just as good as a classic Al Jaffee page.  We got 16 pages of new content here - more than I was expecting.  Good job Rebecca, Suzy, Paula & Bern! [JAM 8/8/2020]

New Content:

Front Cover - Wonder Woman extracts Alf's tooth with her magic lasso (drawing by Isabel Samaras)

02 Snappy Answers to Super-Stupid Questions (Asked Crusaders Dept.)

04 Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

13 With Great Power Comes Great Instability (Cry Uncle Dept.)

20 Meanwhile ... (Second-to-Laugh Chance Dept.)

28 The Wisenheim Museum: Mort the Master (The Long and Mort of It Dept.)

35 The Shadow Knows (We Got Your Penumbra Dept.)

41 The Potrzebie System for Starting an Autonomous Zone [fake department]

45 Meanwhile ... (Laugh Chance Dept.)

46 A Mad Look at Quarantine (Serge-In General Dept.)

56 Your 2020 Mad Horoscope (Zodiacs Murder Dept.)

Fold-In - Mask